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Learn how to get more clients - Part 10 of 10

Be extremely personal

If you’re replying to a job ad, or cold emailing, its a good idea to be personal to stand out against your competition.

I came across a post by Devesh Khanal, on how he landed a paid contract from a CEO in 1 week. Why was Devesh able to get the CEO’s attention and close a contract in just 1 week?

He made his email super personal.

Devesh recorded a screencast of the CEO’s website, and offered steps he could take to increase his conversion rate. The CEO was amazed by the effort Devesh had put into his cold email, as well as his expertise on conversion optimization, so hiring him was an easy decision.

This is one of the best examples of how to be extremely personal to win new clients. Clients are normally bombarded with emails from consultants that contain a bio and website link. Devesh’s approach is personal and captured on video, so its easy for the prospective client to understand his ideas.

A personal touch like this can be replicated in so many ways, whether its doing a redesign of a website, revising marketing copy or coding up a quick prototype. Being personal takes time, but its likely to help you stand out and close more clients.

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