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Learn how to get more clients - Part 1 of 10

Capture Leads

You might already have a contact form on your website, but this is normally used by people who are ready to hire you, or say hello. Most of the time, a potential client will browse your website, then leave – without ever contacting you.

In order to establish trust and build up a relationship with visitors, you can try to capture their email by giving something away. Give visitors an eBook (as mentioned above), a whitepaper, a free 30-minute consultation or even a step-by-step guide to increase their conversion rates, in exchange for their email.

You can later turn these leads into paying clients through a drip email campaign or by contacting them to find out more about their company.

We recommend Get Response, which easy to use and great for capturing leads.

We use Get Response for all our our customers via email.

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