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2 minutes setup

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No database

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Works with HTMLS

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Brand Yourself

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Preparing Web Pages

Now you need to assign editable regions to the HTML pages that needs to be edited online. There are two ways of doing this :

1. Use Script Assistance (Beta)

With script assistant you do not have to touch the code. Simply upload the HTML files, then browse the file via admin : Content > Pages > Choose the page. Next click Script Assistant from the tabs and start clicking on tags you wish to convert to regions..

2. Manually add regions by editing source code

Open the HTML file you wish to integrate with Veolay CMS and enter the code you see below within the <head> tag. If your files are in sub folders you may need to alter this code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="editor/jscripts/jquery-"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="editor/jscripts/veolay.js.php"></script>

To define a region all you have to do is enter the attribute class="veolay-REGIONNAME" e.g <div class="veolay-region1"></div> into DIV or HTML5 tag.

You can also edit the source code of the HTML file within Veolay CMS's admin itself via Content > Pages > Choose the page. Next click on Source Code tab.


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