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Are you looking to get rid of old complicated HTML/PHP website? So what will you do, will you search for experts of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc? No need, if you can convert website at very low expenditure then why to knock anybody else? Try Veolay, a unique software for people who want to convert website.

When web based technologies started emerging then HTML and CSS were the first ones that actually were practiced. Problem was not web design or development, it was actually website maintenance. Suppose, webmaster wants to add a page in website then he uses to hire a technical experts. With content management system, this problem is over now. Nowadays a layman can also update in website, add new page, insert images, insert video, put links, content text styling and many more.

This is the best time to get your website converted because there are numerous CMS quite easily available online. There are some regular names like Joomla, Magento, Wordpress etc but there is also one option of static CMS. We have enormous experience in web design, web development, software development etc so we understand what can be easy to use and efficient. Veolay is revolutionary software that makes website changed to static CMS in few minutes. If you have any old HTML website then try Veolay.

In CMS, people often get concerned about licensing and cost. If you opt for our software, there will be no hassle in process. Once you opted, license will be valid for lifetime. Converter software include features as listed below:

  • CSS will be table-less
  • Website will be completely tested for various functionalities.
  • Design will be modular based
  • Website will rank high across various search engine so SEO friendly structure.
  • CMS installation and theme set up.
  • Content and data migration
  • WC3 code validation for entire website.
  • Cross platform compatibility.

Some Advantages of HTML to CMS Website Conversion with Veolay:

  • Entire website backup is possible in one click.
  • No extra charges with future maintenance of website because everything can be done without technical specialization.
  • Website will be static so it will be free from complication.
  • Data and code separation is also a feature with Veolay.

Recently FAQs about Conversion of Website from HTML to CMS with Veolay:

How Veolay works?

Veolay is unique software that collects complete HTML and CSS information. Software has complete arranging system that makes website arrange in a system way. Users get all features which are generally available with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Software does not stores data in database, we store at the page memory.

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