Explore Fine Aspects of Static CMS

What is Static CMS and How Does it Work?

Nowadays, content management system has got edge over complicated HTML websites. Using CMS one can easily manage website without knowledge of HTML and CSS. Static CMS is platform where one can create website with static content without database. In few minutes, anybody can create a full fledge website just by drag and drop with few clicks.

How Static CMS is different from Wordpress, Drupal etc?

This is an obvious question because people think CMS means Wordpress. Static CMS will create static pages while Dynamic CMS will create both static as well as dynamic pages. Static CMS is intended for small websites while WP can be used for small website to huge eCommerce too.

Veolay is well developed and tested software. It fetches mainly content of pages and insert in the pre-selected theme. It is quite easy and even doable by school going student. Nowadays fashion has shifted towards new age CMS, where one can create website in few minutes. Veolay also effectively manage images and videos of your website.

What are pros and cons of static CMS?

Like other web technologies, there are numerous things which stand in favor and against. Let us check one by one. Pros are as written below:

  • Quite easy to operate
  • No developer or designer required
  • Complete website set up in just 2 minutes
  • No hassle, website works smooth
  • In case of any problem, most of the companies provide technical support.

Now turn is for cons:

  • Not suitable for eCommerce & Portal websites
  • Most of open source static CMS will charge you monthly fees.
  • Will be a tough job, if you want to get back to previous version of website.

In this article, we have made some points clear:

  • Why you should opt for static CMS rather than Wordpress?
  • How static CMS software converts HTML website to CMS?
  • How static CMS software operates only in 2 minutes?
  • Why no database is required for static CMS?

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