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Are you an extremely talented writer with a special connection to the tech world? This is the place for you! If you are interested in writing for Veolay and expending your online reach and audience, you can simply reach out and submit your guest post. We highly appreciate talented writers with a strong opinion on important topics around the current modern technology word. As the technology realm keep evolving exponentially, it is important to hear what various users has to say. While opening our blog for external guest posting we allow the real people, the real users of the internet to express their thoughts and share from their own genuine experiences. If you are positive you have what it takes to write for us than reach out and let us know what’s on your mind. A technology guest post can include many subjects and can address a variety of different topics: 

Web design

Today’s web design practices are a crucial part of the overall technology realm and should be addressed properly. A lot of the new recent ground breaking tech developments have been surrounding the web design niche. Feel free to submit any web design guest post topic that fits our scope  

social media

Social Media guest posts are accepted as well since this topic is obviously has been dominating our lives and the technology world in recent years. More and more social platforms keep emerging and hanging the way we think and live our lives. 

business and industry

Technology is a business and a multimillion dollar industry with a vast impact on our modern economy. 

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Be engaging! Try to interest our audience and readers. We prefer a light and fun text flow.

Be Unique

Any submitted content has to be 100% unique and pass a premium plagiarism test.

Grammar And Spelling

Check your grammar and spelling. Make sure the content is extremely readable.


500 words min.


Add images, videos or sliders to your posts.


Technology guest posting is a wide topic and can include a variety of ideas. Make sure your topics meets our overall Veolay scope.

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